A Little About This Inspirational Time


From November 9 through 11, twenty-nine women traveled to Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center for the greatly anticipated 2018 Women’s Retreat. Young and old, sisters, friends, and church members joined for an amazing weekend of God’s refreshment and fellowship.

Our gifted speaker, Rev. Emily McColl, spoke on the theme of “Connecting Generations in Christ.” We were reminded of events that shaped the Traditional, Baby Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations to help us better understand how to connect as a church family. Many expressed how good it was to gather together getting to know each other.

Favorite ways of connecting were in small conversation groups, art sessions with Susie Hess, soaking at night in the relaxing natural hot springs, and sitting together at the evening campfire and coffee shop.

Our own dear Rev. Anette concluded our Sunday worship with a powerful time of Communion. Your remarkable Women’s Ministry Team is already planning for our next retreat. We invite you to “Come and See.”