The Gathering

The Gathering is a unique worship experience. Built around contemporary music, the Gathering features a three-member praise team offering outstanding praise music, prayer, scripture reading, and a brief sermon offered by Pastor Jim every week. To maintain our family commitment to your health, the Gathering will be offered within the following framework:

  1. The service will be held outdoors with the praise band located directly in front of the Sanctuary and facing the parking lot.
  2. We ask that all worshipers park in the church parking lot and come on to the church grounds from that entry location.
  3. We ask that all worshipers be masked and be prepared to be screened for temperature as they come in from the parking lot. No one will be allowed in without a mask.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be used upon entry and departure.
  5. Worshipers will sit 10 feet apart from one another. The only exception to that will be for families that are living together.
  6. Worshipers will be seated at least 20 feet from the praise band.
  7. The congregation will not be allowed to sing thus there will be no song sheets printed. The music will be enjoyed concert style .
  8. There will be no shared, communal food or drink offered.
  9. After the service is finished, worshipers will be asked to return directly to their cars while maintaining social distancing.

We recognize the strict and uncompromising feel of these guidelines. That is not  our intention, but our commitment to the love and care of our  congregation moves us to offer the Gathering worship experience within these guidelines.