Church Staff

Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church is staffed by a dedicated group of individuals waiting to help you, and there are a number of ways to get in touch with them. From e-mail to telephone, LNPC is set to receive your prayer requests, comments, suggestions, concerns, assistance, and more.

For specific information on how to contact LNPC, and the people you should talk to when you do send us your thoughts, please read below:

Pastor: Rev. James Szeyller
As a senior pastor, Jim has expanded on his passions of youth, missions and evangelism, to embrace both worship and spiritual formation as transformative experiences for every member of the church family. Jim maintains a strong interest in church revitalization and growth as well as exploring what church can become in our rapidly changing culture and world.In his spare time Jim still enjoys almost all sports with particular passions for the Chargers, Padres, and New York Rangers. Jim enjoys travel with his wife Becky, particularly to the Holy land, as well as reading, fishing, gardening, and anything to do with his grandchildren.

Pastoral Care Associate: Rev. Anette Rihovsky
Anette is an ordained minister in the PCUSA, and works as the full-time staff chaplain at a local hospital. She has been serving in ministry for over twenty years, focused on pastoral care.
Originally from Sweden, she came to the United States to take her pilot license. Both Anette and her husband George enjoy flying, reading, and writing. They live in San Clemente, where they love spending time with their three children, two grandchildren, and dog.

Director of Youth Ministries: John Denton
John DI have been working in full-time youth ministry for the last decade of my life. I have my Bachelors Degree in Christian Studies from California Baptist University and am studying at Fuller Seminary to become a pastor. I want to serve God and his church with all my heart and in everything I do.
My favorite movie franchise right now would have to be The Hunger Games. I am a fan of most movies and enjoy going to the theater as much as possible.
I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife Stephanie and daughters Sailor, Skipper and Sunny provide endless adventures. I am a avid surfer and also am a fan of sailing. I also like running, swimming, Angels baseball, and eating Del Taco.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go where there is warm water, fishing, surfing, and my family. Stephanie and I also enjoy short weekend getaways and drives up and down the California coast.

Director of Children and Adult Spiritual Formation: CM Hourigan
My family has been attending LNPC for over 5 years now. I find joy in living a Christ centered life and love seeing my daughter growing up in Christian faith.
I have worked with children nearly my entire adult life. Whether leading summer camps, teaching theater classes, after school enrichment classes, directing our LNPC Christmas Pageant or volunteering, I have been surrounded with the joy of children for decades. I was the director and owner of a Performing Arts Academy for children Pre-school age through High School where I was fortunate to see children’s confidence unfold and grow. I am thrilled to be working with our LNPC children and their growing faith!
I love music! Songwriting is a passion of mine. I enjoy spending time with my parents, my husband Patrick, and my daughter Sienna who has been joyfully learning, singing, and laughing at LNPC since she was in kindergarten.

Music Minister: Dr. Binh Vu
BinhBinh Vu entered the Conservatoire of Music in Saigon at the age of 11. At the age of 15, in one of his routine afternoon prayer sessions, as he prayed for one of the items on the church’s prayer list—for God to create a young adult choir for the church—he received the call to be the leader of that choir. In addition to singing for their church services, they also sang at worship festivals and Christian programs on TV and radio all around Saigon. Since then, Binh has continued to serve God and God’s church in the music ministry everywhere God has led him. It is by the grace of God that Binh is where he is today, geographically and socially. He asked God to enable him to continue to grow both spiritually, especially in the area of Christian worship, and in Music. As always, he is striving to be a “faithful servant of the Lord.”
One thing he would like to pursue but has not yet been able to begin: he wants to learn to get an airplane pilot’s license. That wish is still too far out of reach. Perhaps it is because no one in his family is willing to go to Catalina in a small airplane with him in the pilot seat.

Assistant Music Director: Lee Lee Truong-Sawicki
Lee LeeLee Lee joined LNPC in the fall of 2006. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Music Education with a Vocal-Choral Emphasis from California State University, Fullerton and is certified in the Orff-Schulwerk Music and Movement for Children teaching approach. She has completed Master Classes in Conducting, attended numerous conducting symposiums, and is certified in the Orff-Schulwerk Music and Movement for Children teaching approach. Currently, Lee Lee follows her passion of enabling and educating children in Khoi Chorus and Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church.

Organist: Suk Choi
Suk StaffSuk learned to play piano at an early age. As a child, she accompanied the choir at her family’s church, where her piano teacher directed. Ever since, she got the bench of either piano or organ whenever there was one. She went on to obtain a B.A. in Piano from Seoul National University. When her children started school, she pursued her Master’s degree in Organ Performance from SUNY Buffalo with the encouragement of her husband. In 2004, she and her family moved to Southern California and she joined Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church that same year. She loves to play Mark Hayes’ piano music. She and her family enjoy Southern California living, especially the variety of ethnic food.

Office Manager: Heather Hilderbrand
Hello! I was born into the Christian faith with loving Godly grandparents on both sides of the family. This foundation served me well during the trials of life. I’m so blessed that God has transitioned me from my secular job as an Operations Manager for a marketing company to the position of LNPC’s Office Manager. I’m the proud mom of 3 grown boys (young men)! Luke is my oldest and my twins are Gabriel and Drew (Andrew).  I love spending time with my family, reading & writing, baking/cooking, horses, going to the beach and so much more. I’m eternally grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice and pray to be a blessing to everyone I can…including you!

Sexton: Nacho Calata
Nacho Calata