1peter4 colorPlanned giving at Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church is managed by the Planned Giving Committee. For information, feel free to contact any of the members or the Chairman.

  • Frank Pearce - Chairman
  • Claire Burrell - Co-Chair
  • Kelly Baker - Recording Secretary
  • Craig Baker
  • Doris Black
  • Tom Stocksdale - Church Treasurer (Advisory)
  • Rev. James Szeyller (Advisory)

The Session of the LNPC established the Planned Giving Committee (PGC) to administer the Church’s
programs regarding special gifts to the LNPC Planned Giving Fund. These assets are managed through due diligence and prudence. If you would like to become a member of this committee, please contact the chairman.

Planned Giving - A Lasting Legacy

The Planned Giving Fund was established to provide opportunities for members and friends of the LNPC to leave a lasting and visible legacy. This allows individuals opportunities for giving to the work of the Church through gifts, annuities, assignment of life insurance, and transfer of property (cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) This can be as a Planned Giving Fund contribution or as a gift to that fund designated as a memorial gift in the name of an individual. As the PGC, we seek to encourage, receive, and administer these gifts in an orderly manner consistent with Session approved policies of this congregation.


Planned Giving

Through planned giving, members of LNPC have an opportunity to donate to the Planned Giving Fund. You can support the church for many years to come using a portion of your estate to continue God's work at LNPC. There are three primary ways to support the church:

  • Direct gift or bequest to the Operating Fund (This gift goes directly to the operating fund of the church and helps to meet ongoing ministry budgetary priorities of the church.)
  • Bequest to the Planned Giving Fund (Gifts to the Planned Giving Fund may be designated as a memorial gift in the name of an individual.)
  • Gift or bequest to the LNPC Planned Giving Fund (Undesignated gifts to the Planned Giving Fund generates income. Up to 90% of that income is used each year for special opportunities around the

The Planned Giving Fund is unique because it is a perpetual undesignated fund that generates ministry income for the church every year.

Memorial gifts to the Planned Giving Fund, in the name of an individual or family, are used to beautify the church or grounds, with appropriate recognition for the donor.

Subsequent to meeting with the PGC, we will discuss whether you have met with an estate planner (attorney and/or CPA) to help identify the gifts that meet your individual and family wishes. This may include a will or a trust, and powers of attorney.

Planned Giving Options Matrix

To check out some helpful options click here.