Formal Service of Installation Moderated by the Presbytery of Los Ranchos on April 23, 2017.

A joyful day in the life of LNPC!


Rev. James “Jim” Szeyller

His first sermon as called pastor and head of staff was Sunday, September 18, 2016.

Together, let’s discover what God has in store for LNPC!

Jim Szeyller was born in Memphis, Tennessee but raised in San Diego, California. The second of four children, Jim was raised in a very close family whose life centered around the church, whatever sport happened to be in season, travel, and whether or not their Naval Aviator father was at home or out at sea. After the tragic death of his father in Vietnam and a time of faith questioning, Jim re-embraced his faith at the urging of his high school sweet-heart, and now wife, Becky.

After serving four years in the Marine Corps where he was a platoon sergeant of a mortar platoon and a member of both the First Marine Division all-football and all-volleyball teams, Jim graduated from San Diego State University and Princeton Theological Seminary. He has served churches in New Jersey, California, and North Carolina.

As an associate pastor his ministries centered primarily in youth, missions, and evangelism. As a senior pastor, Jim has expanded on those passions to embrace both worship and spiritual formation as transformative experiences for every member of the church family. Jim maintains a strong interest in church revitalization and growth as well as exploring what church can become in our rapidly changing culture and world.

Jim Szeyller has been married to Becky Wheeler Szeyller for almost 39 years. They are the proud parents of Ashley Szeyller McKinley (and her husband Troy) as well as Kristie Szeyller Courtney (and her husband Trent). Special joys are their grandchildren Grace and Tavin McKinley and Mason Courtney. The entire extended family eagerly awaited the birth of Emma Margaret Courtney in late July.

In his spare time Jim still enjoys almost all sports with particular passions for the Chargers, Padres, and New York Rangers. Jim enjoys travel with his wife Becky, particularly to the Holy land, as well as reading, fishing, gardening, and anything to do with his grandchildren.

Jim is excited to move back home to California and to serve the saints of Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church. He enjoys a spirited conversation over coffee and discovering how God has been active in the lives of others. Jim is not very big on formality and titles, but believes strongly in relationships and investing in the lives of others.