WELCOME TO Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church:

A church with a mission


In 1983, the Los Ranchos Presbytery, under the leadership of its executive, Dr. John Chandler established a “mission-on-our-doorstep” program for the purpose of a new church development. In 1985 the Presbytery bought a large parcel of land on the corner of Alicia Parkway and Ivy Glenn Drive at the cost of 1.6 million dollars. Presbytery then sold a portion of the land at the price of 1.2 million with the provision that the future church retain the right of access to the parking lot. This became the Crown Valley Project, named after the main road going through the center of Laguna Niguel.

In April 1986, the Presbytery began a search in Laguna Niguel for volunteer families interested in forming a new Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). They selected five families who were willing to accept responsibility for founding a new church. On November 1, 1986, the Rev. Dr. H. Kenneth McCullen of Central Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, Indiana accepted the call to serve as organizing pastor of the new congregation.

On November 9, 1986, the first worship service was held in a local community hall. In April 1987, four mobile modular units were placed on the site at Ivy Glenn Drive. Palm Sunday, April 12, 1987, the first worship service was held in the modular units. Dedication Sunday took place on April 26, 1987, with 41 people being received as new members.

November, 1994, construction of the new sanctuary began. On September 10, 1995, the first formal worship was held in the new sanctuary with 530 in attendance. The new sanctuary was dedicated Sunday, October 22, 1995. Capacity in the sanctuary is 550. The building also houses a choir room, nursery, quiet room, and bride’s room.

In the spring of 1999, the Rev. Duncan McColl was called to serve as the interim associate pastor. The Rev. Dr. H. Kenneth McCullen retired as the organizing pastor in May 2000. In September 2000, the Rev. Dr. Richard Wiggers was called to serve as the interim pastor until a new pastor could be found.

On February 25, 2001, a “burn the mortgage” party was held to celebrate paying off the loan on the sanctuary building.

The Rev. Dr. Randy Steele was called from First Presbyterian Church, McMinnville, Oregon to serve as Pastor, Head of Staff at Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church on November 17, 2002.

Plans were finalized for the building of the new Christian education /fellowship building in early 2003 to be named the McCullen Center. The 19,000 square foot building was dedicated on May 22, 2005. A large hall is located on the ground floor, with a room capacity of 700 persons. The hall can be divided into one, two or three rooms. There also is a full service kitchen, custodial offices and a toddler classroom. Upstairs there are administrative offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, the unique “garage for Youth”, and a library.

In 2008 Rev. Duncan McCall departed to answer the call as pastor of Fullerton Presbyterian Church.  The Rev. Emily McCall was called to serve as interim associate pastor.

Dr. Randy Steele retired in February of 2014 . Rev. Emily McCall was called to serve as first responder pastor and served until July 5th.  Rev. Paul Reeves was called to be intentional interim pastor on July 7, 2014.

Rev. James Szeyller is called to be Pastor, Head of Staff on July 31, 2016

The Founding Families
Argast, Gard, Lacy, Gibson and Pearce

Church In A Box
The modular units arrive on site.  They will be set up and become the home of the church while the planning and construction of the sanctuary move forward.  An exciting time in the life of the growing young congregation.

Preparing the Foundation
A strong foundation for the building that will soon rise up out of the ground and take the form we know today.  A physical process of growth that parallels spiritual growth available to each of us.

The Congregation Checking it Out

The Crowning Moment
The cross is lifted into place.

The Spirit Stirs
A church is coming

Groundbreaking for the Sanctuary

The Structure Rises


Preparing for an Uplifting Event
The congregation gathers in preparation for a very special moment, raising the cross onto it's place atop the sanctuary.

The Finished Sanctuary
A place to renew the spirit and grow in grace.