How We're Governed

Local Presbyterian churches are governed by Session, which consists of church pastoral staff and elders. Twelve elders are elected by the congregation to staggered three-year  terms.  LNPC's Session meets in Gard Hall on the fourth Monday of every month at 6:00 pm. Sitting Elders chair or co-chair the ministry teams of the church.

Session Moderator: Rev. James Szeyller

Pastor: Rev. James Szeyller

Clerk of Session:  Nancy LeBlanc

Treasurer:   Tom Stocksdale

Strategic Vision:  Steve Galloway


Class of 2021:  Mike Boscardin, Arlene Dunn, Nancy LeBlanc and George Rihovsky

Class of 2022:  Frank Pearce, Carol Stocksdale, Richard Gay and Mark Imfeld

Class of 2023:  Janice Ehlers, Steve Galloway, Errol Giuliano and Les Lotz

Ministry Team Leaders:

Buildings and Grounds:   George Rihovsky

Christian Education:  Nancy LeBlanc and Les Lotz

Communications:  Carol Stocksdale

Congregational Life:  Janice Ehlers and Mark Imfeld

Finance and Operations / Planned Giving:   Frank Pearce

Missions:   Richard Gay and Mike Boscardin

Personnel:   Errol Giuliano

Stewardship:   Steve Galloway

Worship and Music:  Arlene Dunn