The deacons are elected to three-year terms. They provide leadership by maintaining close contact with church members and providing a variety of services. The parishes correspond to specific geographic areas.

  • Parish Number 01: Golden Lantern - Chris Green
  • Parish Number 02: Beach Cities - Linda Abraham
  • Parish Number 03: Pacific Island - Robyn Williams
  • Parish Number 04: Highlands - Nora Imfeld
  • Parish Number 05: Aliso Viejo and Laguna Hills - Eileen Green
  • Parish Number 06: Beacon Hill and El Niguel - Sandy Walden
  • Parish Number 07: Kite Hill - Cheryl Kelsey
  • Parish Number 08: Rolling Hills - Judy Ruddiman
  • Parish Number 09: Marina Hills - Karol Biggar
  • Parish Number 10: Crown Valley - Claudia Vitalich
  • Parish Number 11: Covington and Laguna Woods - Ellen Pearce
  • Parish Number 12: Mission Viejo, San Juan and San Clemente - Margaret Lee
  • Parish Number 24: Out of Town - Eileen Green
The Deacons meet once each month in Gard Hall

Chris Green: Moderator
Robyn Williams: Vice Moderator
Chris Green: Secretary
Judy Ruddiman: Treasurer

Class of 2019: Chris Green, Eileen Green, Claudia Vitalich, Robyn Williams
Class of 2020: Karol Biggar, Cheryl Kelsey, Ellen Pearce, Sandy Walden
Class of 2021: Linda Abraham, Nora Imfeld, Margaret Lee, Judy Ruddiman