How We’re Governed

Local Presbyterian churches are governed by Session, which consists of church pastoral staff and elders. Nine elders are elected by the congregation to staggered three-year  terms. LNPC Session meets in Gard Hall on the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 pm. Ministry team leaders are elected to two-year terms. Each ministry team reports to elders responsible for a particular ministry phase.

Session Moderator: Rev. James Szeyller

Pastor: Rev. James Szeyller


Clerk of Session:  Denise Carter

Co-Treasurers:   Tom Stocksdale and Frank Pearce

Class of 2018:  Carl Knutson, Tom Stocksdale and Chuck Griswold

Class of 2019:  Cassandra Ondryas, Frank Pearce and Scott Troester

Class of 2020:  Craig Baker, Denise Carter and Howard Hirakawa

Ministry Team Leaders:

Buildings and Grounds:   John Humphrey  (Tom Stocksdale  – Elder Liaison)

Caring Ministry:   Margaret Lee

Christian Education Adult:   Dan Gara  (            – Elder Liaison)

Christian Education Children:   Susie Hess  (Howard Hirakawa – Elder Liaison)

Christian Education Youth:   Mike Malone  (Scott Troester – Elder Liaison)

Circle of Care:   Vacant / Deacons

Congregational Life and Growth:  Brett Riordan  (Chuck Griswold – Elder Liaison)

Deacons: Pastor

Finance and Operations / Planned Giving:   Steve Galloway  (Frank Pearce – Elder Liaison)

Health Ministry:   Ellen Pearce, Parish Nurse

Helping Hands:   Sam Johnson

Mission:   JoAnn Renning  (Carl Knutson – Elder Liaison)

Personnel:   Greg Heath  (Craig Baker – Elder Liaison)

Stephen Ministry:   Margaret Lee

Stewardship:   Gary Wright and Stephen Foster (Co-leaders) (Denise Carter – Elder Liaison)

Website: Chuck Griswold

Worship and Music:  Ann Webb  (Cassandra Ondryas – Elder Liaison)