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“Nevertheless” 12-29-13 Dr. Randy Steele Isaiah 8:22-9:2;6-7
“No Room at the Inn” Christmas Eve 12-24-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 2:1-19
“Christmas Eve Meditation” Christmas Eve 12-24-13 Rev. Emily McColl Various
“One Voice in the Crowd” The Sounds of Christmas 12-22-13 Rev. Emily McColl Luke 2:27-32
“Songs In The Night” The Sounds of Christmas 12-15-13 Rev. Emily McColl Luke 2:8-20
Peace: “In the Quiet” The Sounds of Christmas 12-08-13 Rev. Emily McColl Luke 1:26-38
The Cry of the Prophets: “Comfort” The Sounds of Christmas 12-01-13 Rev. Emily McColl Isaiah 40:1-11
Generosity and Power Giving From Your Heart 11-24-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 19:1-10
Generosity and Wealth (Cont’d) Giving From Your Heart 11-17-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 16:1-14
Generosity and Wealth Giving From Your Heart 11-10-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 18:18-30
Generosity and Ministry Giving From Your Heart 11-03-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 9:49 – 10:2
Generosity and Hospitality Giving From Your Heart 10-27-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 17:7-24
Generosity and Relationships Giving From Your Heart 10-20-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 17:3-10
Generosity and God’s Grace Giving From Your Heart 10-13-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 18:9-17
The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength Famine or Feast? 10-06-13 Rev. Emily McColl Nehemiah 8:1-11
The Overflowing Cup Famine or Feast? 09-29-13 Rev. Emily McColl 2 Kings 4:1-7
Do You Want To Get Well? 09-22-13 Rev. Tamara John John 5:1-15
Everyone with a Ministry Creating Christian Community 09-15-13 Dr. Randy Steele 1 Peter 2:4-12
Everyone with a Gift Creating Christian Community 09-08-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 12:1-8
Everyone with a Promise Creating Christian Community 09-01-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 6:12-36
A False Sense of Security Financial Discipleship 08-25-13 Dr. Randy Steele 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19
Born Into Hope Financial Discipleship 08-18-13 Dr. Randy Steele 1 Peter 1:3-14
Careful Living A Faith That Counts: 08-11-13 Dr. Randy Steele James 4:13 – 5:6
A Counter-Culture of Grace A Faith That Counts: 08-04-13 Dr. Randy Steele James 4:1-12
Taming the Tongue A Faith That Counts: 07-28-13 Dr. Randy Steele James 3:1-18
Hearers and Doers A Faith That Counts: 07-21-13 Dr. Randy Steele James 2:1-18
Get It and Share It A Faith That Counts: 07-14-13 Dr. Randy Steele James 1:19-27
Just Live It! A Faith That Counts: 07-07-13 Dr. Randy Steele James 1:1-18
Behaving Like Little Children Vacation Bible Camp Sunday 06-30-13 Dr. Randy Steele Mark 10:13-16
A Way of Life: @ Home 06-23-13 Rev. Emily McColl Deuteronomy 30:11-20
Jesus Prays for Us 06-16-13 Dr. Randy Steele John 17:6-19
Case Studies on the Gospel Good News for Today’s World 06-09-13 Dr. Randy Steele Acts 16:13-34
Good News for Skeptics Giving, the Life You Want to Live 06-02-13 Dr. Randy Steele Acts 14:8-23
Called to Demonstrate the Good News Good News for Today’s World 05-26-13 Dr. Randy Steele Acts 8:1-18
Good News for a Pluralist Society Good News for Today’s World 05-19-13 Dr. Randy Steele Acts 4:1-13
A Fresh Look Good News for Today’s World 05-12-13 Rev. Emily McColl 2 Kings 6:8-17
What Makes the Gospel Good News? Good News for Today’s World 05-05-13 Dr. Randy Steele Acts 15:1-11
Commitment Jesus-Style 04-28-13 Dr. Randy Steele Matthew 25:14-18
Mission Jesus-Style 04-21-13 Dr. Randy Steele Matthew 9:35-38
Friendship Jesus-Style 04-14-13 Dr. Randy Steele Mark 3:13-19
Really? Really! 04-07-13 Rev. Emily McColl 1 Corinthians 14:12-20, 42-49
Journey into Hope – When Easter Comes Late Easter Sunday 03-31-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 24:13-33
Passover, The Gift of Forbearance Good Friday 03-29-13 Rev. Emily McColl Romans 3:21-25
A Meal That Lasts Maundy Thursday 03-28-13 Dr. Randy Steele Luke 22:14-23
Embracing Assurance Journey into Hope 03-24-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 8:18-39
Embracing Renewal Journey into Hope 03-17-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 8:1-17
Embracing Humility Journey into Hope 03-10-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 7:1-25
Embracing Freedom Journey into Hope 03-03-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 6:1-7; 11-18
Embracing Forgiveness Journey into Hope 02-24-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 5:12-21
Embracing Endurance Journey into Hope 02-17-13 Dr. Randy Steele Romans 5:1-11
Journey into Hope Ash Wednesday Meditation 02-13-13 Dr. Randy Steele Philippians 1:3-6
Life Among the Belivers 02-10-13 Dr. Randy Steele Colossians 1:24-29
Building From a Solid Foundation 01-27-13 Dr. Randy Steele Matthew 7:24-29
Who Stole “My” Church 01-20-13 Dr. Randy Steele 1 Corinthians 1:18-31
Character Wholeness 01-13-13 Rev. Emily McColl Ephesians 4:20-32
Resolved to Follow 01-06-13 Dr. Randy Steele Mark 1:16-20